What is Tai 5 Yoga?

  • Tai 5 Yoga is a 21st century mind/body/spirit exercise system that is suitable for all abilities.  
  • Tai 5 is a combination of Tai Chi movements and  yoga postures. It is movement and stillness. By combining movement and stillness with the breath, regular Tai 5 practice allows you to develop a mindful approach to all aspects of your life.
  • Although it is quite easy to learn, the benefits of Tai 5 are profound. 
  • There are 5 sequences  of movements  (hence the 5) that are committed to memory. 
  • The sequences vary in length from one minute to three minutes each.
  • Practising on a regular basis will enable you to reach a calm and centred place within yourself. 
  • There is no need for equipment, special clothing or a large amount of space. Tai 5 can be practised anywhere.
  • No previous yoga or Tai Chi knowledge is required.

Tai 5 Cards



A quiet, slow, gentle sequence.



An energy boosting sequence.

Tiger Bend


A stretching sequence

Yin Yang Balance


A balancing sequence.

Warrior's Heart


A powerful, uplifting sequence.

Using the Cards

Tai 5 Cards

The cards are an integral and unique part of Tai 5. They enable you to access your own higher wisdom, helping you to discover which sequences of movements will bring you the greatest benefit at any given time.

There are 5 sequences of movements in Tai 5. Each sequence is represented by one of the cards.  There are 25 cards in each pack, 5 of each picture.  

To use the cards, hold them in your hands and silently ask yourself which sequences you need to do. Shuffle them and then select as many as you wish. If you've only got a few minutes then just select one or two cards. If you intend practising for half an hour or more then select nine or ten. 

Lay the cards out in front of you and perform the sequences in the order that the cards show. 

If you are drawing a few cards it is possible that you might draw the same card several times. That's okay. Trust your higher wisdom to know what is best for you.

Buying the Cards


Tai 5 Yoga

The cards cost £10 per pack. They are only available to buy at Tai 5 workshops.